Geek, Memory: Horrible Histories

Do you want to write the next Geek, Memory on your childhood obsession? If so, send us an email here. In my first few weeks at university, a couple of my new friends discovered that they shared a love of one particular phrase, a pop-cultural remnant of their childhoods that they’ve never stopped loving: “What […]

The Inside Story: Diegetic music in teen movie franchises

Diegetic sound: Sound whose source is visible on the screen or whose source is implied to be present by the action of the film, such as voices of characters, sounds made by objects in the story, and music represented as coming from instruments in the story space… Diegetic music in movies is not a recent […]

Made in Mystery

Once or twice a year, usually at Lent or another significant liturgical time, major towns across medieval England would host a run-through of a ‘Mystery Cycle’. The name has nothing to do with intrigue, but comes from the Latin ‘misterium’ meaning ‘occupation’: they were funded by the newly developed city guilds. As a series of […]

Imagine: Hiking with Justin Bieber

Me and Mike, we have this habit of going for hikes on the weekends. You pull on your boots, drive out of the city and take all of the stress you collect in the week and tramp it down into the dirt, like a paper candy wrapper. There are quite a few good trails in […]

A Brief History of the Male Headband in Cinema

The male headband is a thing of great cinematic majesty, but also of massively unfilled potential. It’s a piece of costuming so dynamic and multi-faceted, that only the most skilled designers dare deploy it. By charting the history of the headband in cinema, I hope that more people will gain the confidence to put them […]

Geek, Memory: Noddy

Do you want to write the next Geek, Memory on your childhood obsession? If so, send us an email here. I was a serious child. I did lots of normal child things, but I wanted to do them in a serious way. I would play with teddy bears, for example, but I used to stage […]

Whipped Screen

Films are predictable, even if they’re good. It’s not because people are unimaginative or lazy, it’s just that these forms of narratives have come to shape how we understand a series of events. For example, when imagining a musician’s life onscreen it makes sense to show their rise to fame from humble beginnings, subsequent problems […]

The Poetic Predisposition of Princess Elsa

  This year, there was a strange occurrence in the pop cultural world: a song by a Disney princess got 258.6 million views on Youtube. To put things in perspective, that’s 35.5 million views more than Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’, 5.7 million more views than One Direction’s ‘Best Song Ever’ […]

Elegies for Zayn Malik

O Badboi! my Badboi! our dizzy dream is done, The albums’ weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won, The tour is near, the songs I hear, the people all exulting, While follow eyes the playful boys, the stages grim and daring; But O heart! heart! heart! O the bleeding drops of red, Where on the stage my boyband lies, […]