Content to be Slightly Forlorn: Young Loneliness in Over the Garden Wall

As far as I can tell, there are three types of truly deep loneliness. The Loneliness of Love (I’m on the top floor of a double-decker bus, watching as a girl gets smaller and smaller in the pre-sunrise dark), The Loneliness of Loss (my mother smiles and also aches, remembering an anecdote about her late brother), […]

The Pigeon Man: Hey Arnold’s Jazz Legacy

Hey Arnold is one of the 90s’ most memorable cartoons that has left an imprint on the hearts and minds of many millennials. A 9-year-old boy raised in an city, whose inner life is richly imaginative, tries to help save or improve the lives of friends, family, and strangers alike. Its premise was simple and impressionable. […]

And Nothing Happens: The Fast and Slow of Gilmore Girls

In my secondary school years, on the good days when I managed to get home before 4 o clock, I would switch on to E4 for the daily episode of Gilmore Girls. It had a feeling of familiarity that existed not only in its repeated transmission but built into the show itself, into the bizarre […]

Geek, Memory: Lisa Simpson

At Christmas when I was a kid, while my big brother was unwrapping toys, I received my annualpile of books, which I would read happily to the tinny Pokemon soundtrack jangling from his new Gameboy. Shy and bookish, I began to forge affiliates – idols – out of fictional characters. Typically, they were vegetarians, often […]

Entourage, Insiders and the Death of Cool

In my younger and more vulnerable days – when I still thought fedoras were cool and would unironically quote Gatsby – I was a big fan of Entourage. For someone who aspired to work in the film industry, but who was a bit too fat and ugly, Entourage offered something concrete to aspire towards. So […]

Working Class Heroines: the Women of Walford

For about 16 years now I’ve been engrossed in EastEnders and the lives of Albert Square residents. I’ve watched Dirty Den being buried in The Queen Vic, Archie Mitchell get his comeuppance on Christmas Day, Zoe Slater scream “you ain’t my muva” at Kat, and seen the love of Sonia Fowler’s life, Jamie Mitchell, die […]

The Romance of Male Virginity in Outlander

Outlander’s Jamie Fraser is not your average hero. He is one part terrier, one part action hero, with a smidgeon of baby angel thrown in. He’s also a huge virgin. None of these things are mutually exclusive. The action hero part of him sees Jamie riding a horse with a bullet in his shoulder, taking […]

First Bras and Womanhood: Boob Positivity in Lizzie McGuire

I was about nine years old when I was fitted for my first bra. Standing in a beige M&S changing room stall with my arms crossed, staring at the floor, I asked the woman with her tape at the ready to measure me over my t-shirt, and not under it. None of my other friends […]

Made in Mystery

Once or twice a year, usually at Lent or another significant liturgical time, major towns across medieval England would host a run-through of a ‘Mystery Cycle’. The name has nothing to do with intrigue, but comes from the Latin ‘misterium’ meaning ‘occupation’: they were funded by the newly developed city guilds. As a series of […]

Geek, Memory: Noddy

Do you want to write the next Geek, Memory on your childhood obsession? If so, send us an email here. I was a serious child. I did lots of normal child things, but I wanted to do them in a serious way. I would play with teddy bears, for example, but I used to stage […]