Working Class Heroines: the Women of Walford

For about 16 years now I’ve been engrossed in EastEnders and the lives of Albert Square residents. I’ve watched Dirty Den being buried in The Queen Vic, Archie Mitchell get his comeuppance on Christmas Day, Zoe Slater scream “you ain’t my muva” at Kat, and seen the love of Sonia Fowler’s life, Jamie Mitchell, die […]

First Bras and Womanhood: Boob Positivity in Lizzie McGuire

I was about nine years old when I was fitted for my first bra. Standing in a beige M&S changing room stall with my arms crossed, staring at the floor, I asked the woman with her tape at the ready to measure me over my t-shirt, and not under it. None of my other friends […]